Can you compare Branding to Fitness?

A conversation we seem to have with many of our clients is around branding; they all understand what “brand” is, how it operates and after much discussion, how it makes them feel. However, somehow, when it comes to undertaking the process for themselves in relation to their own business, clients begin to question the need for such a process.

This made me think. I love fitness and training, specifically Crossfit. It makes me not only feel good, but it is my balance in life. After doing it for so many years, I can pretty confidently say, I am not too bad at it as well. It is what brings me balance in a crazy world. But I can only train at the level I do, because I have put in the time to understand the techniques to do the work properly. I didn’t just walk in one day and start using the weights I do, or throwing myself around on the bars. It required the foundations.

Branding is the same. Whilst you can walk into the marketplace with a great idea, if you don’t have the foundation of your idea solid and unbroken (the technique understood and practiced), then you are set up for failure. How will you grow your brand, the same as increasing your weights, if you haven’t even got the right form? I know it seems like a crazy analogy, but for me thinking of it in these terms helped me to solidify the importance of the process in my mind.

Brand is what drives your business. It is no longer just about the name and the logo, but rather about the whole experience. The story, what differentiates you in the marketplace, how your customer feels walking into your store, receiving your goods, wearing your clothes, eating your food, speaking to your team. It is what holds the whole purpose of your business together, and without it, you will set yourself up for failure.