Self Dialogue - How talking to yourself is actually really good for you.

My life has been full of change over the past 6 months. Leaving my daily structure and routine, not for the comfort of another structure, but rather to step into the boat of ‘life’, pull sail and allow it to take me where the winds have been eagerly waiting to go. Change of place, friends, direction, knowledge, expectation (or there lack of), environment, and even energy. This change has been powerful, even at it’s most quiet moments.

So how do you manage this change? You talk to yourself. Yep, you need to have real conversations with your inner self to figure out how the actual heck you are going to get through this. Now, for those of you thinking, “ok, this guy has lost it”, hear me out. Self dialogue is probably one of the most healthy things an entrepreneur can do. In fact, what any of us can do! Just like when you were a kid and maybe kept yourself a diary, Self Dialogue is pretty similar to this. Well, without the need for a “Dear Diary” at the start.

It doesn’t mean that you start writing every movement of your day. I mean, you can if you like, but it won’t get you too far in the grand scheme of things. But rather, it is the ability to be able to emotionally feel your way through the challenges of life and question yourself as to what you really want, when to “pull the next sail”, or even “anchor” in life. Self dialogue allows you to speak to yourself, or god, or the universe, or whatever you believe it is that helps to guide you in this lifetime.

For me, my self dialogue comes through writing. And it comes in a specific theme. I used to just write when I was angry, but that was when I was not in control of my life, and rather fighting against it. Now days, as I sit here as the ‘Master of my own destiny’, (as corny as that sounds), I like to know not only what is going on, but rather diagnose it and heal it so I can move on. If we were to keep on the theme of the boat, I would say it is as if the sail has a rip in it and you need to mend it to ensure you remain on the right path. If you don’t mend it, or it rips further, you start to lose your way and may end up off your life course. So when I write, I do so with purpose. I speak about what it is that is frustrating me, or challenging me, or creating an imbalance in my life, and I diagnose it so I can understand it. To diagnose, I mean, I write about what it is I am feeling and what I believe it to be. Whether in one word, or a series of words. I want the issue put in a box.

Once this process is done, I move into the healing phase. It may be that your mind or soul already has the answer. Other times, it could be that you need to diagnose it and question it before the universe will allow you the answers. If that is the case, I just question it with everything I got. All in the hope that this will be answered in days to come.

This process has always been an important fact of life for me. I just never realized it before, as it was more of a therapy at the time that helped to relieve angst, which would inevitably build back up again. However, as we are all responsible for our time and energy, every day that we are alive on this earth, and especially for those of us who have left our structured lives for that of something more fluid, it is becoming even more important that we do this as often as required.

Some weeks, this is a daily practice, and others, I barely write a thing outside of the work I do. But ultimately, I have come to realize that talking to yourself is what helps you to keep moving forward in life. It is the remedy to a broken sail, a shift to the mast, and turn of the handle, in this crazy, ever changing journey we call ‘life’.