The Art of Persistence.

I stood watching this small, elderly, Korean lady handing out brochures. The cause, unknown, but that detail isn’t important. Her persistence to the cause is what stood remarkable.

People wandered past, and with each passing she found the next person she would approach; eye sight fixed and stepped forward with a bow of respect and an offering of this brochure. Some walked past without even eye contact, some smiled and declined without even shifting their speed, but some, and only few were kind enough to take that brochure and read what she has to say.

This was a gorgeous moment for me, standing in the cool shade on a warm, spring day in Seoul. It reminds me of life and of business. That tireless effort of passing on your message or attracting those to your service. We all do it, much like this woman. The only thing that differentiates us is not class, gender, race or location. But persistence. Only those who are persistent in the pursuit of their goals, their dreams, their desires, will truly acquire the end goal. And even if they don't, they'll at least be moving forward. Life is progress and you need to be persistent. Without persistence, our worthy goals will not reap the outcome they deserve.