The ‘Conscious Consumer’ of the Entrepreneurial World.

Social Media is our savior when it comes to getting the latest and greatest idea out to the world. It can also be one of the biggest deterrents for any budding entrepreneur thinking of taking the leap.

All these articles on how to be the best business person in 6 months; how to earn your first million in a year; or even become the next Richard Branson. It is all well and good to have dreams and aspirations. Don’t get me wrong, we all do. Yet, one thing I have noticed, much like many of us who are reading social media (even those who came across this article), is that it creates such a perception in our minds of the need for success, that for many of us it becomes way too scary. The idea that not only do I have to commit to taking on a whole new path in my life for this exciting idea of mine, but I also have to earn my first $1million in 12 months, while getting awards for best business venture and become the future Mr Branson!!! No, thank you.

It shouldn’t be like this. I am not one of these people who sits on social media, yet says how it is the devil and we all should get off it immediately before it ruins our lives. I, for one, love the power of social media when used correctly. What I am saying though, is we need to be more conscious of what we are consuming. When you are online, it can provide us with so much information that our mind goes into overdrive. This is a fact, and makes sense why doctors say to turn screens off an hour before you want to sleep. But, much like when we are mindful of the food we consume in our bodies, we need to be mindful of the information we devour into our minds.

I am still quite new to the entrepreneurial world. I have always had the ‘spirit’ and, I guess, in many ways the mindset (although I am learning quickly how I have lots of sets in my mind that are not quite from this ‘entrepreneurial world’), but I am still new to developing my own sense of self worth as my ‘own boss’. If I was to sit and believe half the things I read, I would be in a paralysis of information. Overwhelmed, scared and uncertain of any future.

So how do you manoeuvre through this overload of social, cyber information? You simply remain conscious. Don’t spend your entire day sitting on the internet, sifting through everyone else’s grand ideas. Use it for the powerful tool it is, and if you don’t know how to leverage it’s power, find someone who can help you. Allow yourself an hour or two to read up on new articles and ideas that only we can find in this digital library. Then, get back to your own beautiful, creative minds. That is where the magic comes from. Be mindful. Be Conscious. Be an incredible entrepreneur. And if you need any reminder, think back to those great entrepreneurs of the past, our heroes, who did not have access to this online world; they simply knew of a great idea, developed it in their own right and delivered it to the world.

Now that is the type of information we should be inspired by!