What’s in a name?

That’s a great question, right? “What is in a name?”, Shakespeare said it perfectly himself, and still to this day most people don’t think too much about this important question. Especially when it comes to starting a new business or a personal venture. We were lucky enough to have started Blonde and Bear (the concept) already having that name from previous discussions. But why did the name suit this venture so well, and not our previous venture that we had come up with.

Recently, I went through the same struggle again with my own Blog. How do I want myself to be perceived? What message am I sending by using this name? What does it truly say about me? Within my work at Blonde and Bear, we deal with this question daily with new entrepreneurs looking to bring their dreams to life. There is actually a method to our madness, which seems to take most people by surprise, but they love the final outcome and it resonates well with them.

This blog isn’t about our method though, but rather the power of a 'name'. I have friends who have even changed their own personal name, as the power or energy attached to their original birth name was not leading them on the path that they felt most drawn to. When I first heard this, I thought I might need to find new friends. However, when you look into it, there is a truth in what they are saying. What does a name say to you? Why is it so important for a name to be clear and relevant to the purpose of the venture you are working on?

For me, like all words, they hold a power and an energy offered by the universe. This energy will bring with it a path or a ‘reality’, I guess, for the name that you create. When I was looking at a name for my blog for instance, we went through a range of options but kept coming back to including my own name, rather than some alias or brand. If I went with just my name though, it would have been too heavy and restricted the content to which I could write about. Whereas the ‘Hello’ was very ‘on brand’ for me personally and kept the language quite casual and approachable. Does that make sense? All of a sudden, through being strategic and thoughtful with our words, we discovered a name that manifested the brand we want to set out to the world. Your business name is no different.

If you are in the process of having to name something, I suggest you sit and think through what it is you want to create. What energy do you want attached to it? What is your purpose? What life span would you expect to have for it? These questions may seem excessive now, but could be the crucial difference between a short lived idea and your next big success.

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