The Small Steps to Greatness

I used to think I was lazy. Well, maybe not lazy but I absolutely had a disconnect between the person that I wanted to be in my mind and the reality in which I was leading on a daily basis. In my mind, I would imagine that I was basically the most innovative, motivated, inspiring person you'd meet. I was on top of my game all the time, I'd achieve so many things during one day and it'd be all perfectly timed allowing me to maximize efficiency and deliver greatness. Where as in reality, well, dare I say but some days I would skip certain jobs or events, lay on the couch that little bit longer, forget to make a call (or choose to forget), put off the extra bit of work I had to complete and follow up on things 'tomorrow'. Does that sound familiar to anyone else? What I've come to realize though, is that I'm actually not that lazy. Surprise! And that super motivated person I used to imagine, while lazing on the couch or in the slumber of morning sleep, well, he does actually come to life. Ok, maybe not every day, but a fair chunk more than I thought was possible. I am also finding that the more that I reflect on and discuss this topic, the more I realize that this is a state of mind that we all seem to experience throughout our life. A disconnection between our thoughts and our actions - specifically when it comes to dreaming of new ideas. We all have these dreams of a reality we desire and goals we wish to reach; a version of ourselves that we want to be, yet, haven't quite created. Some may say that their reality is exactly what they want and that's fantastic, but for many of us it's a cycle of dream big and then back to reality. What if I said it didn't have to be like this?

The biggest problem is that this disconnection between mind and action is one of our biggest human flaws. This inability to own our thoughts and manifest them into reality. For me, I like to call this, the 'Paralysis of Overthinking'. It's when you sit in your mind and you dream of your greatest desires or possible achievements. You take a small idea that excites you and you make it bigger...and bigger...and bigger...until it's eventually so big that it's impossible to fathom how you could ever actually achieve it. In the process, and with that sobering thought, begins the deflating assumption that it's all 'too hard' or 'too grand', and so you invite fear and inadequacy into your mind and...bam! You become paralyzed to those amazing ideas, only to slip back to your very limited reality of 'not being enough'. It's crazy when you break it down, right? I have literally spent so many years doing this. This same cycle - dream big, get super excited about the idea, dream even bigger, freak out at how it seems impossible, accept it's too big or too scary, create a paralyzing thought that it's not possible and slip back to sleep mode. Sigh.

Why do we do this? Why do we feel that this type of reality is one that we cannot create for ourselves?

What I am constantly learning is that this does not have to be the case. How? Small steps. The only way you can overcome this paralysis is by allowing your mind to dream big, get that amazing idea, and before that idea translates from something simple like 'writing a blog', to something currently unattainable like 'being the next Tony Robbins', stop your mind, grab a piece of paper or your mobile, and start writing down practical things you'd like to achieve with this initial idea. Write down the idea in it's infancy stage. Literally write it down and start growing it on paper. Make the ideas come to life in front of your eyes, as they translate in your mind, rather than working backwards and going nowhere. If you do this you can then start making small practical steps towards creating that dream reality. I've also had success when I do this - the idea, when translated into small practical steps, will quite quickly become a far greater reality as it is more achievable. I've seen it with friends too! It couldn't be more true that the biggest changes always start with the smallest steps.

Do you think Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey or Richard Branson had their current realities in mind when they started on their path? No, of course not. Maybe they dreamt they would make it big one day, but that wasn't the motivation. They had an idea that excited them and they found ways to create it. Once that worked, they had another idea and slowly started working on that. They didn't see bright lights and success overnight, they saw small pockets of opportunity to create something new and they did. Through consistency, they found greatness in what they do. We are all no different to those that have achieved greatness in life. The only difference is our choice of mindset.

So go ahead, join me and try it yourself; dream big, one small step at a time. You will find that by creating the space, and giving practical steps to these ideas, the universe has no option but to give it energy, or develop it for something even greater.

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