The Quest for the Ideal Job

I love my job. In fact, I have loved most of my jobs. Excluding one…ok, maybe two, but who is counting. Generally, though, I used to start off in any role with the same excitement. A new adventure, new role, new opportunities. I am lucky that in my current ‘job’, if you could call it that, I get to meet some amazing individuals. The other day, we met a lovely new client of ours here in Abu Dhabi. She is super intelligent, engaging and has an incredible business idea which will use both her skills and passion to serve others.

We were in the midst of a conversation when the topic of the ‘ideal job’ came about. She mentioned to us, in her story about her past, that she felt like she had yet to find her ‘ideal job’. This indefinable, almost perfect ‘job’ that was waiting for her in the ever distant future. I smiled at this comment, as it was a comment made not just by this woman sat across from me, but by all of us. The number of times I used to think, “I just know there is the perfect job out there for me, but I can never seem to figure out what it is”. I recall back to when I used to move from one job to another (not as often as some, but more than any of our parents ever did), seeking that unknown, intangible, almost dream like job that I desired so desperately, but could never find. As part of that same conversation, I decided to ask, “Do you still think that this ‘job’ is waiting for you?”. With her new business idea in mind, she thankfully couldn’t quite answer the question clearly like before. And it made me think - why do we all seek this same reality? So many people truly believe that there is something far greater for them, something waiting to be done, and somehow immediately produce a response that this will come in a neatly packaged form of a 'job'. It's like we are almost looking for a box that we can fit into where we will live happily ever after.

Are we all crazy? Or are we simply seeking something far greater than that? What if I said, this same elusive feeling that we seek is nothing more than purpose? And what if I said that this purpose was not a single 'role', but rather a greater desire to serve? Before you stop reading and start thinking I have fallen back into the dark ages or into some cult, hear me out! Every one of us, and this includes me, has this 'ideal job' that we believe we are destined for. This feeling that, “I am here to fulfill something, but can’t quite place what it looks like”. Well, what if we took that same idea, but looked at it in a different way. What if this idea of fulfillment is merely answering a call to action. And a call to action, well that is a purpose, right? So could it be that this ‘ideal job’ is simply our deeper selves seeking purpose? Now hold that thought. Why a Job? Why not, something different? Why is it always applied to work? Well work, in its truest form, is an act of service. We, as human beings, have a innate desire to serve. This means no difference between when you clean someone’s house, as it is to offer life coaching, serve food, create amazing clothes, innovate technology…the list goes on.

So, if we are seeking purpose, and with that purpose we have a desire to serve, can that desire really be fulfilled with one particular job? Or is it that our limited minds are trying to place the deepest human desires into a neat box that we think we can easily fulfill? And if it isn’t found in a single job, what does that mean? Does it mean we hold no purpose, or does it mean that everything we do, in fact, should be connected to that purpose so we always feel fulfilled? If the task doesn’t align with our deepest purpose, does it at least serve those around us? And if it does, is that not fulfilling a level of purpose that we are here to achieve as humans?

As you can see, this topic clearly began a world of thoughts for me and a really interesting conversation with our client. My personal response, when the question was posed back to me, was that whilst I love Blonde and Bear and the work that we do, if you were to ask me “Is this your ideal job?”, I don’t think I could answer it with certainty. However, does it give me purpose in what I do, that is aligned to my greatest self? Yes. And does it help serve those around me in line with that purpose, in order to empower and develop those people? Yes. Most importantly, do I feel fulfilled as a result of the work I do now? Absolutely.

So I guess when you are faced with your next moment at work, in your own business, or just at home, and you are dreaming of your ‘ideal job’, try something for me. Stop for a moment and ask yourself the real questions;

- Do my daily activities bring me joy?

- Am I serving those around me for the better?

- Is my work aligned to my own greater purpose?

I have found that only once we ask these questions, and begin to find the answers we need, that we are be able to create true fulfillment in whatever we do. Purpose and Service - the two foundations to our human existence, and part of the reason why we all seem to feel so lost at times. Ask these questions and find your answers. This will reveal the real ‘ideal’ and should never be limited to only one job.