Avoiding Mediocrity

For those that follow my blog, you will see that there has been some time in between posts. This has been a result of a mixture of things - huge personal change (moving house, buying and selling my car, setting up business formalities), high workload, and visitors. However, it has also been a result of my most recent roadblock - which I could only see as a 'fear of mediocrity'.

This sounds a bit far-fetched, as I have only set up this blog to share my thoughts and ideas, so I am sure you are thinking how could I have such a dramatic view like this? But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this is something we all face along the way with many things in life. Like I said, I set up this blog to share my journey, show people what it means to take on a large change in life and also create a platform for me to share some of my thoughts and ideas. Instead of embracing that like I have been, I found that, recently, I have been overthinking my purpose too much and avoiding the time to post anything I write in fear of it being 'mediocre'.

How often do you do this in life? How often do you see yourself ready to do something super exciting in your mind, only to find you will procrastinate and hesitate as you don't want it to be met with a poor response? It is one of those fears we all face in business, too. We don't want to launch something amazing, or even what we see as amazing, only to find that the greatness we once thought, or even had, for an idea will become old and stagnant quickly, and lose appeal to our audience. How do we overcome such a fear and continue to push through? Why is it we seem to look around at others, who are taking that risk, and truly believe that they have something that we don't? To put it in perspective, I have written around 3-4 blogs over the last month, all of which are saved in drafts, as I felt that they weren't channeling the right information, or setting a tone in line with my previous words, that I would want to share with you all. But why is that? What is this sense of mediocrity that I fear so much? Is it just me, or do others feel it as well? And on what degree do we all see it, and how can we overcome it?

Now, I am not about to say that you should just go for it and do everything that comes to mind. I mean, if I did that, I think those following would decrease significantly, as it would be like following that person on social media who love to share every detail of their life with you (no, thanks). I think the answer, to this very real dilemma of my own, is that I need to be smart about what my message is and to think before I post. And, most importantly, if I feel procrastination kicking in, then that there is the real devil. It is not 'mediocrity' that is the issue, but rather the symptom. Procrastination itself is what will turn the 'fear of mediocrity' into a 'file of saved drafts', forever. It is actually ok to not want to be mediocre, as that is what drives us all to be different, think bigger, and challenge the norm. It is what we do with the roadblock that makes us different.

So for those of you in the same boat, I thought I would share my own strategy for this; focus on what you need to achieve, stick to your standards, don't fall below your own 'mediocre' line, keep pushing on and don't be hard on yourself if you don't feel 'amazing' with everything you do. The main thing here is that you are 'doing', in line with what you set out to do. At times, things in life may feel 'average' for what you think you have the capacity to deliver, but for some, your average could be their moment of greatness and that is OK. In fact, that is amazing. So be humble and respectful to that thought, and allow the universe to work through you. Some of the best works in this world came from a small moment of inspiration and very little 'thought'. If we overthink everything in life, we will simply stop connecting with our higher self, and stop delivering our greatness to those that need it.

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