Applications of the Mind

I had an interesting conversation the other day that I wanted to share with everyone. It was around the capacity of the mind and how we choose to use our thoughts. In our modern age of technology, if you were to think of your mind as a mobile phone, where you had apps running in the background, that takes power and energy to keep open, what would those apps be? Think of them like your everyday thoughts, all the way to the things that play on your mind constantly. What to make for your meals, all the way to old thought patterns that hold your mind captive to a particular way of thinking; whether that be fear, anxiety, promiscuity, or anger.

Now, with that in mind, knowing that you have these ‘apps’ running constantly in the engine of your conscience, what energy and space do they require to stay open? Like many of us know, having multiple applications open on your phone not only drains the power quicker, but it also takes space from your limited memory capacity. So if you have 10, 15, or 50 apps open at once, how much capacity do they require of your mind to be running? And if it requires a lot of space and energy, does it really hold that much benefit to be using up all that resource?

I am not some technology wiz, and I am sure for some they probably think I have lost my own mind with this, but this analogy really made me think. For so many years, as I grew and developed, and even now as I continue to do the same, I worked from a certain perspective in my mind. Whether it be work, relationships, money… I always had certain ‘apps’ open. These apps would benefit me at times - understanding how to manage a tricky relationship, how to remain focused on the priorities in my job and make money, and where to travel to next, as a few examples. But at the same time, many apps were open that brought me no true satisfaction or connection to my highest self. For example, self loathing over my perceived physical state and how I desired to look; seeking external validation through physical relationships; or being conscious of how to pacify myself enough in certain friendships in order to maintain a particular role and keep the status quo, even though it was not fulfilling the needs of my soul.

This may seem like a lot of personal information, but this isn’t about me. It is about all of us. It is about how we all spend so much time trying to fulfill certain roles, seek certain situations and be a certain person in life, without actually stopping ourselves to understand whether they bring us closer to our highest self. Do these apps offer service to other people? Or, do they require more from us while getting less in return? If all of our thoughts and actions were summed up as ‘applications’, all running from a limited storage capacity, that can only be increased through continued service and growth, what apps would you keep open and what apps would you close, and likely delete? And if you would delete some, how much energy and space would you get back to use for something far greater and fulfilling? This really struck a chord with me, and I believe, with this analogy in mind, if we all stopped to reboot ourselves more often and closed useless and destructive ‘apps’ that are not longer serving, we would find our more powerful and purposeful space in life.

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